Why do Sports Fascinate us So Much?

Sports can mean many different things to many different people, so it is of no wonder that sports remains a universal language. Across the globe, the vast majority of people and countries, different races, nationalities, sexes and civilizations, all share the love and intrigue of sports. But what is it about sports that actually fascinates so much and how is the love of sport such a global trait?

Sports Offer Escape

Sporting events allow humanity to take a step back and relax. For a few hours a night, or a week, you can forget about the bills you pay, the boss you hate, and all of your other trials and tribulations. What matters during that time is your team, and whether or not you win. Sports offer entertainment and escape from the doldrums and problems of day to day life.

Sports Reflect Society

The sports we watch reflect the society in which they are played. This means the freedoms, prejudices, racial composition and more. When African Americans weren’t allowed to play Major League Baseball, the lack of color on those fields showed the problems in the country. And as that league and other leagues integrated, you can see the freedoms those people now have to go and play those games. As children grow up seeing somebody that looks like them accomplishing something, it gives them that hope and drive for accomplishment.

Sports Give us Hope

As mentioned, watching a sporting event can fill somebody with dreams and hope. If this underdog can come back and win this match, I can do anything. If that guy from that poor neighborhood can make it and be successful, so can I. If that quarterback can come back from that injury, surely I can figure out my own problems.

Sports Give us Something to Cheer For

Everybody needs something to cheer for in life, and too often, our day to day life doesn’t allow that to happen. Sports takes care of that need, and allows us to openly cheer for something. We 먹튀검증커뮤니티 become invested and we want to see something happen, we root for, we experience emotional highs and yes, emotional lows. But the facet of cheering and rooting for something with every ounce can’t be found in many other elements of life.

Sports Makes us Nostalgic and Strengthens Bonds with Others

For many people, their closest childhood memories are of watching sports with their parents, or going to games with their family or even playing the sports themselves and chasing their own athletic dreams. Additionally, rooting for the same team and wishing for the same thing to happen strengthens the emotional connections that people have for each other. Sports have literally united countries as they cheer for their team to pull off the upset.

For those who think all sports are just games, they are technically correct. The sports we play and watch are just games. But what they mean to us and what they have come to represent are so much more than that. Sports speak a universal language that we all can understand. Nothing can bring people closer and nothing can potentially tear more people apart that sports.

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