One of the biggest factors that can determine the success of job search and application is how a job seeker’s resume or CV is written. There are a lot of guidelines and tips you can find online on how to come up with an effective resume, and this can get you confused at times. One particular question in the minds of job seekers is what the ideal length of resume is.

There are people who submit resumes that are 30 pages long, which come with photocopies of different certificates even. If you are planning to do this too, you might be making a big mistake. Remember that you are not writing an autobiography, so it doesn’t make Easy Writer sense to write a CV that long. Experts providing resume and career services would always advise that you create a shorter resume. As much as possible, you would want a one-page resume.

A two-page resume is generally acceptable also, and at times, it is reasonable to make a three-page resume. This, however, would only apply to specific cases, such as if you are making a medical CV in which you will have to provide plenty of qualifications and work experience.

It is common for people to think that submitting a single page resume is worth less compared to longer ones, but this is a wrong perception or belief. According to experts, it is always better and preferable to have a strong and well-written one page resume instead of a longer resume that is filled with insignificant and irrelevant information. Keep in mind that you should keep your resume free from any information that hiring managers will find uninteresting and important.

In most cases, it is possible to a two page resume to be fit into a single page. This is what usually has the greater impact. Nevertheless, you have to be careful not to force your CV to be just a single page. It would be wrong to try to fit all the information you have into just a single page. If you have many things to include in your CV, you could use up two pages rather than one and a half as it could seem incomplete and incompetent at times.

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