There are many theories as to what makes somewhere a ‘home’ and depending on who you listen to it can have to do with where you feel happiest, where your loved ones live, sakarya evden eve nakliyat or where you grew up. While these are nice sentiments though, it’s also important to consider the role of the actual property itself, and it would be wrong to think that this doesn’t play a part. Not only does the property itself impact on how comfortable you feel there, but the way you decorate it too will also have a big impact. If you’re trying to settle in to a new place and make it feel like home, or if you’re trying to make a property feel like home for someone else, then there are a few things you can do which we will look at here.


Our ‘anchors’ are the things that we have kept for a long time which can therefore make us feel more at home and more at ease. For instance if you have had a cuddly toy ever since you were born and you’ve kept this with you since then, then that can become an ‘anchor’. While your whole property and your whole life may have changed beyond recognition almost, keeping this one item in a prominent position will make sure that there is at least one thing that feels familiar and unchanging.


There is certainly truth to the idea that people can make a building feel like home, but unfortunately we aren’t always able to take the people we love with us. What you can do though is to surround yourself with photos of those people you love and of the good times that you want to remember and this can help to make you feel a lot more at home and a lot happier in a new home.


The main role of our home is to provide us with shelter and comfort. In other words, this is where we come when we want to relax and unwind, so it’s important that you make the place you’re living as comfortable and snug as possible. The idea is that after a long day at work, or a tough journey, you can come back and look at your property and just feel instantly relaxed. So think about adding cushions, using comfortable furniture and generally making the rooms feel warm and soft.


Personalising your rooms is also a good idea if you want to make them more homely and this is why what feels like home to one person won’t be what feels like home to someone else. Use the colours that you like and the design features that are ‘you’ and this way you can create a space that you feel more at ease in. In fact if you are particularly stressed about a recent move then you can even ease the transition further by dressing up one of your rooms to look like a room from your old home. Use the same items and the same layout and you will hardly notice the difference.


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