Having a Master of Business Administration is like having the golden ticket in this day and age.

As an internationally recognized qualification, it provides you with endless opportunity to grow, expand, and succeed. It can also make you a big chunk of money that very few other degrees can offer.

Do you want to earn a lot of money? Of course, you do! Any of these 11 jobs can pave the way from rags to riches, with number one and nine more than most Pay after placement PG programmes.

YOU could be an investment banker, especially if you have an MBA. To be an investment banker means you work with either corporations or government agencies to offer advice for financial-related matters.

Along with an MBA, you also need to have had a strong focus on finances – which many people would if they saw how much an investment banker could earn. The average salary is between $100,000 and $150,000.

If you like being the boss (and bossy), then getting your MBA to become an Operations Analyst is a must. Not only can you earn close to $55 per hour at the higher end of the scale, but you get to tell everyone how to do their job.

Your job as an Operations Analyst is to come up with better structures and processes for getting the job done more effectively.

You will also have a keen eye for detail while helping the business make more money.

If you haven’t yet decided what your specialty for your MBA will be, it might be time to set your sights on IT management.

Working in IT means you can walk around with an important-looking clipboard, making sure a company’s IT is working as it should.

You are also responsible for business analysis of IT requirements, and helping to make the most out of technology advancements.

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